Why Contractors Should Offer Financing

Why Contractors Should Offer Financing

Contractors and their customers alike can benefit when contractors offer financing.

Home improvement contractors offer services that many people with a home would want at some point in their lifetime. Likewise, contractors also want as many people as possible to be able to receive their service. One of the best ways to make the connection is to offer financing options. Here’s why contractors should offer financing and how Pure Finance Group can make it a reality for your group.

Provides Options

Most people who seek out home improvement project services are willing and able to pay for the project in full, but there is a significant percentage of the population that will falter at the sight of the project price. Not everyone has over $10,000 for a major home improvement project, and some would prefer to pay in more affordable allotments. The ability to pay in monthly installments makes your business more approachable.

Increases Sales

Businesses that do offer financing see a notable increase in sales. You are able to attract and even retain customers that you would not otherwise have reached, and this allows your business to grow.

Makes Your Service More Available

On the flip side, the customers who are looking for an affordable way to get the home improvements they need finally have an opening through your company. Some people may be tired of putting up with some defect of their home, but aren’t willing to put down the cash in full. Your business could open up a viable way for them to increase their home comfort.

Increases What Customers Will Pay

When customers are happy to pay a monthly, affordable installment, they are also more likely to increase their overall project scope. For example, they might go with a higher-end countertop in a kitchen remodel or choose more additions in a deck renovation. You and the customer can both get a better deal.

How You Can Get Started

As one can see, contractors should offer financing for multiple reasons both beneficial for the contractor and the customer. There are multiple options for financing, and contractors need a way to offer a payment option with the lowest rates possible. Pure Finance Group can help you not only set up your financing option, but help offer your customers the best deals as well.

Pure Finance Group Is Here to Help!

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