Pure Finance Group helps bring consumers and contractors the ability to finance their home improvement projects easily and conveniently

  • Customer Financing

    Beat out your competition without breaking your bottom line. Flexible finance plans for your customer that minimize your dealer fees.

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  • Payment Processing

    Simplify the way you collect customer payments while significantly reducing your cost to process credit, debit, and checks.

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Supporting Your Cash Flow From Start to Finish

Leverage all of our services to optimize your fee savings and streamline your operations at both ends of your business.

Recover Lost Time and Revenue At The Point of Sale

Facilitate customer financing and process customer payments, all in a single, streamlined platform…Consolidate your tech stack with Pure Finance Group.

Collect Down Payments Instantly From Your Lending Portal

Integrated payment processing allows you to collect down payments, additional service fees, or out-of-pocket payments all from your loan portal.

Customers can Apply Directly From Your Website

Customized website graphics with an embedded financing link. Spotlight popular repayment plans to leverage customer financing in your marketing strategy.