Pure Finance Group helps bring consumers and contractors the ability to finance their home improvement projects easily and conveniently.

  • Customer Financing

    Beat out your competition without breaking your bottom line. Flexible finance plans for your customer that minimize your dealer fees.

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  • Payment Processing

    Simplify the way you collect customer payments while significantly reducing your cost to process credit, debit, and checks.

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Supporting Your Cash Flow From Start to Finish

Leverage all of our services to optimize your fee savings and streamline your operations at both ends of your business. Maximize fee savings and streamline operations with Pure Finance Group’s full suite of services. When you offer financing to customers, our comprehensive approach ensures total support throughout the entire business cycle, from initiation to completion. Rely on us to enhance your efficiency and keep your cash flow consistently robust.

Recover Lost Time and Revenue At The Point of Sale

Facilitate customer financing and process customer payments, all in a single, streamlined platform…Consolidate your tech stack with Pure Finance Group.

Enjoy customer financing and payment processing in one integrated solution, offering unparalleled efficiency. Experience the convenience of managing down payments, service fees, and out-of-pocket payments seamlessly from your lending portal.

Collect Down Payments Instantly From Your Lending Portal

Integrated payment processing allows you to collect down payments, additional service fees, or out-of-pocket payments all from your loan portal. Our seamless system eliminates the hassle of managing multiple platforms, providing a one-stop solution for all your financial transactions.

Customers can Apply Directly From Your Website

Customized website graphics with an embedded financing link. Spotlight popular repayment plans to leverage customer financing in your marketing strategy.

Elevate Your Operations With Integrated Customer Financing and Payment Collection

With services designed specifically for contracting businesses, we understand the importance of speed and efficiency at the front end of your business. Elevate your operations without compromising your financial bottom line with affordable and flexible financing for your customers and instant payment collection tools for your business.

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Expand Your Contracting Business with Financing Solutions

In an industry where projects vary in scale and complexity, having access to reliable financing solutions is crucial for contractors. Here is a few reasons why you may need our financing services:

Project Scale and Materials Costs

Contractors often face substantial upfront costs for materials and equipment, and financing solutions provide the capital needed to initiate and complete projects.

Competitive Edge

When you offer financing to customers, you stand out in a competitive market, appealing to a broader customer base and outshining competitors.

Business Expansion

Access to financing is crucial for contractors aiming to expand their business, take on larger projects, and invest in additional resources or technology.

Cash Flow Management

Construction projects involve delayed payments, and financing solutions ensure a steady flow of funds, preventing disruptions to operations caused by cash flow fluctuations.

Adaptation to Market Trends

Contractors need financing to stay abreast of market trends. Access to a diverse set of financing options is always important to grow your market share by expanding financial accessibility among consumers.

Customer Satisfaction

Offering financing options enhances customer satisfaction by demonstrating flexibility and understanding of their financial needs, fostering long-term business relationships that can lead to repeat customers.

Customizable Customer Financing Plans

We recognize the importance of beating the competition while offering competitive financing options. Our customizable customer financing plans are designed to minimize dealer fees, providing a significant advantage. Explore the freedom to tailor financial solutions that resonate with the diverse needs of your customers.

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Why Choose Pure Finance Group?

We were created to exclusively serve home improvement businesses, making us experts in your industry. We understand that you need to spend less time selling and more time closing, so we have created a unique suite of integrated products and services to save you time on the front end while saving you money on the back end. Choose us for excellence, efficiency, and a partnership that puts your unique needs first.

About Us

Comprehensive Finance Solutions

We specialize in seamlessly connecting consumers and contractors, providing tailored financial options for home improvement projects.

Flexible Plans

Our flexible finance plans are designed to minimize dealer fees, giving you a competitive edge in the market with a large range of APR options, repayment terms, and promotional loan periods.

Streamlined Payment Processing

We significantly reduce the costs associated with collecting credit, debit, and check payments, optimizing your payment workflows with technology and cost savings.

Support for Your Business

Leverage our comprehensive suite of services to maximize fee savings and streamline operations throughout the entire business cycle. With a dedicated in-house support team, we become an extension of your business operations.

Pure Finance Group redefines financing for contractors, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions that elevate your projects, beat the competition, and streamline your financial operations. Trust us to be your partner in success, providing unparalleled support, transparency, and efficiency throughout your business journey. Contact us today to elevate your contractor financing experience.

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