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About Us

Custom Designed Financial Programs Created For Your Business

Created By Home Improvement Experts, For Home Improvement Businesses!

Pure Finance Group was established to make lending easier for business owners and homeowners alike. Providing lending services in a variety of different fields, we have the expertise needed to help you get the financing you need for your business. What makes us unique is our tailored service, providing customers with speed and delivery when it comes to their lending needs. As experts in the industry, Pure Finance Group knows that speed is key to successfully converting a lead into a customer. We are here to optimize sales by tailoring finance plans to best suit your business needs. No company is too small or too large for Pure Finance Group. We are an all-in-one lending service, here to help your company thrive. We offer loans, payment processing, and personalized service. We act as an extension of your business, boosting sales by offering quick in-home financing options, and maximizing savings on credit card payment processing fees.

A Lending and Payments Platform Designed To Help Bring More Money Into Your Business

Grow Front-End Sales

Customer Financing: Our fully automated technology offers instant approvals on home improvement loans helping homeowners and contractors alike translate expensive home improvement projects into very low monthly payments that can ultimately be paid over time. Unlike the other digital loan platforms, Pure Finance Group is designed to improve our customers’ lives through innovation, convenience, and amazing customer service. We are here to support and enhance your existing business by understanding and integrating into your day to day operations.

Reduce Back-End Expenses

Payment Processing: Not only do we offer financing options tailored to each of our client’s unique businesses, but we also help reduce fees and increase efficiency when they accept credit debit, and check payments. We take a unique approach to help optimize the majority of our customers’ revenue streams because we know how important every dollar is. Our payment processing solutions enable our customers to realize savings of 20-40% on a monthly basis increasing their close rates and revenue streams at the same time.  This is what makes Pure Finance Group different and dedicated to our customers’ success.

Disrupting The Home Improvement Industry For You

We don’t provide products or services, we offer a partnership. At Pure Finance Group, you are guaranteed tailored lending solutions from experienced teams who can help your business succeed. Unlike other providers, Pure Finance Group takes a holistic approach to maximizing your profits, supporting the sale on the front end with loans, and saving money on the back end with credit card payment processing!

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