Affordable Customer Financing Programs That Win Deals

Build the lowest monthly payments for your customers without the expensive dealer fees for your business. It’s a win-win!

Offer Financing to Customers That Doesn’t Break The Bank

At Pure Finance Group, we recognize that securing deals often relies on affordable financing options for your customers. Our commitment is to empower contractors with our customized financing programs, that meet the budget needs of homeowners giving your business a competitive edge in the market.

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In-Home Loan Applications

Get loan applications approved and finalized all before leaving the home!

  • Cost Effective

    Ditch the expensive dealer fees and reinvest that money into lead acquisition

    • Free plans and no hidden fees
    • Increase your ROI on financed projects with minimized dealer fees
    • Reduce your cost of acquisition on financed projects
  • 20 Year Terms on Loans Up to 100K

    Affordable and flexible re-payment options for your customers

    • Build the lowest possible monthly payment structures
    • Finance even your highest ticket projects with approvals up to $100,000
    • Offer repayment terms that stretch up to 20 Years
  • Risk-Free Loan Approvals

    Pre-approved loan offers are extended with no credit hit and honored for 30-days

    • See pre-approved monthly payment amounts before any credit is pulled
    • A stress-free financing experience for your customers
    • Maintain your reputation and keep customers happy
  • Expanded Approval Program

    Streamline the loan application process for applicants while maximizing the chances of approval by leveraging our network of third-party lenders.

    • Access alternative approval offers without any additional paperwork or applications
    • With our 1 loan application, we maximize your approval pull through helping you close more deals with financing approvals
    • No need for your team to complete extra loan applications or 2nd look applications
  • Fast Funding

    Get reliable and quick funding on your projects to keep your finances stable and liquid

    • Get your projects funded as quickly as the same day the work is completed
    • Be in control of your cash flow
    • Reliable funding when you need it most

Tailor-Made Budget-Friendly Solutions

Our specialty lies in affordable financing programs exclusively designed for home improvement businesses. We aim to enable you to confidently present financing options that resonate with your customers, making high-quality services accessible to a wider clientele while seamlessly closing deals.

Our customer financing programs are strategically crafted to enhance your sales strategy. By tailoring plans that cater to diverse customer needs, you create a compelling proposition that often becomes the deciding factor in winning contracts. With minimized fees and a responsive support team, we help contractors get the most value from their financing partner.

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Stand Out in the Market

In a competitive landscape, offering contractor financing positions you as an industry leader. Our programs are meticulously designed to attract customers, giving you a strategic advantage in winning projects. Providing financing solutions not only meets but exceeds customer expectations, making your business the preferred choice. With rates down to 7.99%, terms out to 20 years, and free dealer fee options you can get everything you need from 1 place. 

Choose Pure Finance Group

At Pure Finance Group, transparency is our cornerstone. Our affordable financing programs come with clear terms and conditions. This transparency builds trust with your customers, ensuring a smooth and straightforward financing process, enhancing your reputation and fostering customer loyalty. We’ve redefined the landscape of contractor financing, placing the power of affordable solutions firmly in your hands.

About Us

We understand the unique challenges contractors face, and our goal is to empower you to overcome them effortlessly. Ready to embark on a journey of seamless, affordable customer financing that wins deals? Explore our financing options today and experience the Pure Finance Group advantage — where your success is our priority. Transform your projects, enhance your reputation, and navigate the path to financial success with Pure Finance Group. Contact us to get started today!

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