How to Set Up a Payment System

How to Set Up a Payment System

Starting a business includes setting up your payment system. Check out these tips to get you started.

When starting a business, you have the product or service side, marketing side, customer service side, etc. The accounting side is one that you will want to do the right way from the beginning. It may seem daunting to some who are starting their first business, but it does not have to be when you follow these simple steps. Below, we shall look at how to set up a payment system.

Determine How Many Payment Methods You’ll Accept

The first step is to determine how you will be paid. What payment methods are you willing to accept? Choosing each one of these options will require you to take the time to set up each one. The more payment methods you are open to, the better it is for your business, since you will reach more people and/or businesses. Common payment options include check, cash, credit card, and online payment (Venmo, Paypal, etc.)

Consider Including a Financing Option

It is also worth extending your payment options with financing. Financing is the option for customers to pay in installments over time after receiving their product or service. It is an excellent option for reaching customers who would benefit from your service but cannot afford the total upfront cost. Pure Finance Group can help you set up financing for your business that gives your customers the best deal possible.

Set Up Rules for Your Payment System

The next step is to set up rules for your payment options. You will need to consider limits and how to receive payments. For instance, you might set limits on how much a customer can pay via check or credit card. You might also require an ID to receive some payments or a credit check concerning credit card payments.

Manage Bills and Accounts Receivable Reports

Finally, you will need to manage bills for each customer and accounts where the customers have delayed payment. Send bills to those who haven’t paid yet. If they do not pay immediately, continue sending a bill on a routine basis, set by your discernment. 

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