Finance Trends in Home Improvement 2022

Finance Trends in Home Improvement 2022

We can help make financing home improvement projects easier in 2022!

The economy has been no small part of daily life in the U.S. in 2022. Economic issues have been of concern in the past two years, and the affordability of many commodities has continued to make headlines. Economic issues have hit home, including when it comes to home improvement projects. What are the finance trends in home improvement thus far in 2022? 

Prioritizing Major Home Improvement Projects

Many homeowners see the rising costs of home improvement projects due to inflation and rising interest rates and are prioritizing which projects they need the most. The isolating conditions of the past two years have pushed people to invest more heavily in making their homes a joyful place to be. Even as everyday people are living their lives in the community again, most homeowners are still excited to make improvements to their abode.

Kitchen and bathroom remodels remain the most popular home improvement projects, followed by large projects like basement finishing and remodeling, additions, outdoor living spaces, and features like smart home installations and homeschooling stations. 

Finance Trends in the Home Improvement Market 2022

According to PR Newswire, more people are considering financing through loans rather than their savings compared to in 2021. While there is a decrease in the percentage of people tapping into their savings from last year, there is an increase in interest in taking on a home improvement loan of practically every major kind. These home improvement loans include:

Homeowners are seeing the need to space out payments on their home improvement projects in order to afford them more easily at this time. While the consensus is to focus on more expensive projects, the goal is also to make those major projects as affordable as possible in the present.

Finding the Best Financing Option

If you are wishing you knew more about what the best financing option might be for you, you are not alone. All generations, from millennials to baby boomers, feel the need to learn more about financing home improvement projects. Pure Finance Group makes it possible for home improvement contractors to offer appealing financing options to their customers, helping make the process smoother no matter the economic state.

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