What Counts as Sensitive Information?

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What’s sensitive information, and is your business protected?

If you are not familiar with what sensitive information is, especially in business, you could face lasting consequences through an unknowing mistake. While Pure Finance Group helps home improvement businesses lower their payment processing costs and help their customers find financing, they also know that security is essential. What counts as sensitive information?

What Is Sensitive Information?

Sensitive information is any data relating to business personnel, individual, or business. It covers a broad scope of information, from the intangible to the tangible. In the wrong hands, sensitive data could be the key to the abuse of a business, employee, or individual. In summary, any data that could result in a business’s or individual’s harm and requires authorized access counts as sensitive information.

Types of Sensitive Information

Personal Information

Private Information

Private information refers to numbers and measurements related to an individual. It generally covers identification cards and numbers such as one’s social security number, credit and debit card numbers, driver’s license number, and biometrics.

Sensitive Information

Sensitive information is the most personal type of personal information. One’s genetics, race, and biometric data are physical elements. Meanwhile, intangible aspects like religion, politics, sexual orientation, and trade union membership also count as sensitive information.

Personally Identifiable Information

This information covers anything that would tell someone it is a specific individual, like an email address, home address, IP address, SSN, or name. It needs protection to keep lives private and avoid forgeries.

Non-Public Personal Information

Non-public personal information is financial information given to make transactions, such as credit card information, names, email addresses, and phone numbers. It refers to all sensitive data within the financial realm.

Protected Health Information

Protected health information is like non-public personal information, except that it falls under the healthcare realm. It is any and all personal information obtained in a health service, including everything from names to faces to addresses to identifying numbers.

High-Risk Business Data

This data is information regarding how a business operates and personal information within the business. It would also include regulated or classified information, which governmental bodies determine.

Material Non-Public Personal Information

This information affects share prices in a traded company. Knowledge of this data could affect the share price and open up a risk of criminal insider trading.

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