Should Home Improvement Businesses Offer Holiday Deals?

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Should your home improvement business offer a holiday sale? Here’s how to judge.

The holiday season spans Thanksgiving through the New Year in the United States or from Halloween through Valentine’s Day if you are generous. This time frame is important to businesses great and small, as it is a time to consider offering holiday sales. Should home improvement businesses offer holiday deals? It is not as straightforward as you might think.

Staying Competitive

One of the strongest reasons for home improvement companies to offer holiday deals is to stay competitive. For example, it could help sales if others in your industry and location are also offering Black Friday deals. Black Friday is a time when more people make purchases, so it could be a good time to encourage more customers to hire you for home improvements. 

Keeping Up Revenue

A reason that home improvement businesses usually offer seasonal sales is when business is slow. Most home improvement projects take place in summer and taper off in fall and winter. Some companies will offer discounts during the slower season to encourage sales. There are also plenty of benefits to doing home improvement projects during fall and winter, one of them being that contractors might be less busy.

The Best Strategy for Your Business

Even so, offering a holiday deal on a home improvement service is not necessarily right for every home improvement company. Some companies might see an uptick in business during the holidays, such as emergency repair companies that fix homes after a fire. Unfortunately, the holidays are when home fires are most prevalent. 

The best strategy to take is to evaluate your own business to see whether offering a holiday deal is in your best interest. How can you know if it is your best interest? Ask if this is the time that people are looking to save on your particular service. If so, it could be a good idea.

Other Ways to Offer Home Improvement Deals

Holiday deals aren’t the only way to make sales. You can reach more customers by offering financing, which Pure Finance Group specializes in. You can also increase your profit by increasing business savings. Pure helps home improvement businesses like yours to cut payment processing costs up to 100%.

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