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Payment Processing

Pure Finance Group provides unique payment processing options for your business

Pure Finance Group has partnered with two of the largest back-end payment technology platforms in the world to provide our clients with a vast amount of payment processing options to reduce costs and increase efficiency. We take the approach of not only helping our clients with their financing needs, but the majority of their Accounts Receivable including credit and debit card payment acceptance to maximize cost savings and give them time back to focus on growing their business. This means that we make it easier than ever before to accept and integrate credit card, debit card, and ACH payment processing solutions to their business while being an advisor on all aspects of AR.  We understand that accepting credit and debit cards is a HUGE cost to any business large or small and are here to help.

Approaching Payments Differently

Whether a business requires a simple payment solution or complex software integration, we can easily fulfill any merchant’s credit card payment processing needs. The goal is not only to help our clients with payment processing but to build programs that help them save money on as many financial fronts as possible.  Our solutions are built around four main concepts: security, transparency, service, and integration.


  • Security: Pure Finance Group utilizes software and hardware platforms to provide businesses with the protection they deserve. We protect sensitive payment information with point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and ensure all of our clients are processing in a secure and PCI Compliant manner, safeguarding them from fraud and financial loss.
  • Transparency: Providing our clients with transparent and very detailed information for all of their business transactions is key in helping them understand where their true cost is and how to avoid overpaying.  We customize each solution based on their specific method of payment acceptance through –
    • Interchange Optimization – receive the lowest Interchange Rate possible EVERY TIME.
    • Credit Card Payment ProcessingExtremely Competitive pricing structure based on relationship (Cost Savings can go up to 100% using our reverse cash discount program)
    • Cash Discount Programs
    • Next Morning or Instant Funding
    • Much more…
  • Service: Servicing our clients is what sets us apart from the competition.  When we onboard new customers we do not just point them to an 800#, but actively manage and nurture the relationship daily ensuring there is never a time when they don’t have access to answers, advice, and guidance when they need it most.  While we do have 24/7/365  phone support in place, our approach is to have our local teams as the main points of contact to give our clients access to large-scale and sophisticated payment services with a personal touch and connection.
  • IntegrationWe are particularly proud that we have such extensive partnerships with our processing platforms that help ensure our clients can integrate their payments into their existing or new CRM, ERP, Accounting Software, POS, or e-commerce platform.  Our goal is to cause little to no disruption in their business moving to us while providing outsized benefits in the process.

Want to Learn More?

Pure Finance Group makes the process to explore credit and debit card payment processing options simple and straightforward.  Merely providing a recent monthly processing statement from your current processor and letting us know how you process your payments and we take it from there to give you a personalized proposal that is clear and will hopefully add huge value and cost savings to your business.  To have a conversation with an expert, reach out to us at [email protected] or call our office during business hours!

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