Money Orders and Cashier’s Checks

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Don’t overlook money orders and cashier’s checks as potential payment methods!

It would be an understatement to say that finances are a significant part of a home improvement business. Whether you are a landscaper, a general contractor, or an electrician, you can only provide your service if you have a means of receiving funds for it. Two more traditional forms of payment you might encounter are money orders and cashier’s checks. Let’s take a look at how you can utilize both through customers.

Money Orders

What Is It?

A money order is a piece of paper you can purchase at a grocery store, post office, gas station, and other general places. You fill out the money order with the amount and the payee’s name, whether an individual or a business. You can purchase the money order for around $2 or less. 


All you need is the cash to cover the money order amount and the very cheap fee. The affordable fee makes it one of the best reasons for customers to pay with a money order. They also do not need to have a bank account to use a money order, and it also adds privacy to transactions. All in all, the benefits of money orders could be summarized as:

  • Readily available
  • Affordable
  • Private
  • Great for smaller payments

A money order would be an appropriate form of payment if your service costs less than $1,000 or the customer is using customer financing, paying in increments under $1,000. 

Cashier’s Checks

What Is It?

Cashier’s checks are available at your local bank. They are backed by the bank, have more security features than money orders, and can cover amounts far larger than $1,000. 

The customer needs to go to the bank with the exact amount needed, photo ID, the name of the payee, and the purpose of the check. The bank teller will produce the check for the customer with the given information.


A cashier’s check allows customers to pay for your service in full or in increments if they are using financing. A fee of $6-$10 comes with every cashier’s check, but the additional security features can balance this downside. Overall, the benefits of cashier’s checks are:

  • Cover a larger amount
  • More secure than money orders
  • Backed by a bank

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