How to Find Your Audience (Home Improvement)

How to Find Your Audience (Home Improvement)

How can your find the most customers possible? Read on!

You run a home improvement company; it could be in the field of landscaping, plumbing, kitchen remodeling, painting, siding installation, window replacement, etc. Whatever your services are, you need a solid way to find your audience. The more vehicles you have to reach your customers, the easier they can find you and you can benefit them. Here are a few tips on how to find your audience, especially if you are in the home improvement business.

Look at Online Data

The first step is to gather as much data as possible to discover all of your audiences. Your audience can be divided into different groups that may have different wants, needs, and interests. One way to find this data is to look at the demographics of who is visiting your website. You could also look at your competitors’ visitor demographics for ideas.

Brainstorm Who Might Need Your Services

Another method to find data is to brainstorm as many possible customers as possible. You can create a list of people who might want or need your services. A popular method is to create a persona of your target customer. What station of life are they in? What’s their income and education level? Where do they live, and what does their daily life look like?

Home Improvement Audience Ideas

Some people who might want home improvement services include:

  • People with children
  • People looking to move
  • People who invest in houses
  • People interested in home ownership
  • People with expensive homes
  • People with older homes
  • People with an upcoming milestone to celebrate
  • People who love to travel
  • People looking for your exact services


Once you know your audience, you can form your campaign to reach them. This process can take on multiple phases in the same and different venues. It can be on social media or in the post. Your goal is to make your business look as good as possible and your service as appealing as possible in light of their specific life situation.

Building Credibility

You can make your business look as good as possible with customer testimonials and charitable company culture. Most importantly, your home improvement services, which include customer service, must be great.

Offering Financing

Finances do not have to get in the way of who you reach. Home improvement service costs are relatively large, so it is worth offering financing so that as many people as possible can have better homes. Pure Finance Group can help get you started!

Pure Finance Group Is Here to Help!

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