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Get Your Customer Pre-Qualified For A Home Improvement Loan

Perform a soft inquiry to determine if an applicant is likely to be approved for a home improvement loan.

If you are subscribed to this service, please enter the applicant information and the Dealer ID assigned to you for this service. This form will perform a soft inquiry on the credit report to see if the applicant is pre-qualified for a loan. Soft inquiries can only be seen by you and won’t impact your credit score.

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You are authorizing Pure Finance to obtain information from your personal credit profile or other information from Experian. You authorize Pure Finance to obtain such information solely to conduct a pre-qualification for credit.

  • You have read, understand, and accept Pure Finance Group's Privacy Policy.
  • A soft inquiry will be performed on your credit report, which won't impact your credit score. Soft inquiries can only be seen by you. When you accept a loan offer and submit it for review, a hard inquiry will be performed, which may impact your credit score and can be viewed by third parties.

Congratulations, you have been Pre-Qualified by Pure Finance! This is not a firm offer for credit.

We encourage you to continue the application process and formally apply for credit through your contractor.

Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, we are unable to Pre-Qualify you at this time.

This is not a turn down for credit and has no impact on our lending decision if you formally apply.

Unfortunately we are unable to complete your request at this time. In order to proceed, we will need more information.

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