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Solar Energy Financing

Pure Finance Group provides you access to low payment financing options to make that dream come true

There are many different solar energy financing options available. Turns out, with a solar loan, you can end up saving 40-70% over the lifetime of your solar panels. There are many solar loans that require no money down while simultaneously allowing homeowners to finance the total amount of their entire solar panel system. Solar loans have the same basic structure as other home improvement loans which makes them incredibly attractive to homeowners who are looking to invest in solar panels for their homes.

Financing Your Solar Panels With A Solar Panel Loan

Solar panel loans are very similar to other home improvement loans that many people are already familiar with. When a homeowner ends up borrowing money from a lender, they ultimately agree to pay it all back. However, paying it back may mean paying an interest over the loans terms in small, monthly payments. But finding the best rates and loan terms can be a challenge for many who attempt to do that all on their own. Pure Finance Group is here to make that process a lot easier and convenient. When searching for a solar panel loan, there is nothing more important than making an informed decision — which is why we tailor our solutions to your specific needs.

Solar Panel Installer with Drill Installing Solar Panels

Solar Panel Loan Distinction

There is a clear distinction that comes with a solar panel loan compared to other home improvement loans. With solar panel loans, a solar panel loan will allow homeowners to actually own an asset that thereby generates significant financial revenue. That means, the value of both the electricity generated by the solar panel as well as the federal investment tax credit or other rebates. As a result, solar panel loans really do end up providing a significant financial incentive for homeowners looking to amplify their home.

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