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Increase sales by leveraging financing plans, and optimize your savings on payment processing fees with Pure Finance Group!

Our Offerings Are Wide-Ranging And Robust

Pure Finance Group is here to help boost sales while minimizing operational costs. We work with you to build a tailored program for your unique business model that will optimize saving potential. Our programs are flexible and are able to adjust and grow with your business. Here’s how we can help!:

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Tailored Financial Solutions For Your Business: Increasing Sales and Savings!

We partner with home improvement contractors as an extension of your business, offering customized loan plans that can be tailored to your business needs. Use Pure Finance Group to reduce your customers cost to low monthly payments, allowing you to close more sales at a higher ticket size. 

Use our payment processing program to reduce fees associated with credit card payments. We analyze your usage of credit card processing systems to develop a specialized program, minimizing processing fees to the lowest possible rate! Our customers have seen up to 100%* reductions in monthly processing fees. That can equate to thousands of dollars in savings per month!

*100% savings are seen using the reverse cash discount program

Pure Personal Service:

With Pure Finance Group, you will experience top quality customer support. Our team here is ready to assist with all of your needs on the spot. We know that in this industry, time is money, and every minute counts when trying to close a deal in the house! Never wait on hold with Pure Finance Group, and be confident our team will respond quickly and effectively when it matters the most!

  • Real People
  • Real Support
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For more information on how our lending services can help you with your home financing needs, give us a call (410-401-4957) today. If you have a question with any lending services we provide including home improvement loans, we are here to help answer all your questions. Just give us a call (410-401-4957) or contact us today.

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