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Pure Finance’s Lending Services

Pure Finance’s Lending Services

Pure Finance Group helps individuals, homeowners, and contractors with streamlined financing solutions!

Lending services can be complicated for an individual unfamiliar with the terrain. It takes a lot of research and expertise to get the best loans with the lowest interest rates. For homeowners and contractors, home improvement projects are never-ending, and it can be difficult to finance projects all at once, especially hefty ones like a new kitchen or a new roof. That’s where lending services with an expert lending company like Pure Finance Group come in. We can help guide you through the process and get the best home improvement loans while we do the legwork!

Personal Loans

At Pure Finance Group, we offer personal loans as well as home improvement loans. A personal loan is an umbrella category covering all types of loans for an individual. Examples of applications for personal loans include a wedding, tuition, vacation, new car, new business, funeral, medical bills, or unexpected expenses. Personal loans cover a wide range of personal financial needs.

Traditionally, a personal loan requires the loanee to have an asset and good creditworthiness. An asset is any possession that one can turn into cash to pay for a loan if he or she cannot pay back the loan in direct cash. The asset could be a type of real estate, a vehicle, furniture, etc. The asset chosen as a safeguard against an unpayable loan is called collateral. Pure Finance is happy to talk with you and explore the most cost-effective options for you.

Home Improvement Loans

For Homeowners

Pure Finance also specializes in personal loans concerning home improvements. If you are embarking on a home renovation, you know just how much even one project can cost. A home improvement loan can take the burden off by allowing you to pay in affordable increments. The best home improvement loans have the lowest interest rates and zero hidden fees. Pure Finance has done the research and has the expertise to get you the best solution.

For Contractors

Instead of having your customers source lending services themselves, they get financing directly through you. Contractors can partner with a third-party lending company to give their customers an efficient, flexible way to pay for the project. 

Solar Energy Financing

Looking to implement solar energy into your home? Pure Finance can help contractors and homeowners alike finance this cost-saving installation. With us, you can get the most advantageous loan, save significantly on energy costs, and get federal and state tax credits.

Pure Finance Group Is Here to Help!

Thank you for your interest in Pure Finance Group. We’re so excited you’re here. For more information on how our lending services can help you with your home financing needs, give us a call (410-401-4957) or fill out the form on our contact page today. If you have a question about any lending services we provide including home improvement loans, we are here to help answer all your questions. Just give us a call (410-401-4957) or contact us today. To keep up-to-date with the latest financing tips and solutions, keep in touch with us on Facebook and LinkedIn!

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